Thursday, October 23, 2008

is Love the only thing that matters??

yesterday, i was having dinner with my ex-coursemate(social work).We were talking about our studies and stuffs, when a questioning question popped out(it sounded sumthing like this..POP!..

"bla..bla...bla....(n then she goes), how is it going with u and ur liang zhi?"
huh? i paused for a while and then came a bland smile...
"uh, we'd broke off...quite a long tym ago..."
" ahhh?? why?? why??" she seem surprised.
"we're still friends,it's nothing.i'm oredi over it.."
"why ar?"
"nothing, it's nothing..we're cool.."
she just couldn't accept the fact of my split...and raised the same question,
"but why? why? aren't you two love each other??"

a temporary halt from my side, and then a typical answer..
"erm...maybe we're not meant to be together...''
the truth is, i couldn't answer that question...instead, another question ran thru my it love that really matters? or every other thing else?
i'd spent the rest of my day and night thinking about it, when finally i decide to let it go...i am not going to think about stupid matters as such anymore...crap~

Today, my phone rang(vibrated actually),it's a good friend of mine...she seeks my advise...she ask me, why doesn't she have a boyfriend? she was actually having this green monster of jealousy over her friend who already have a person to love... i felt pitiful to the same time dunno actually wat to i comforted her with words and ask her, is it only love that really matter in our life now?

i feel like a stupid schoolgirl...with all this love problem and all...but to heck~
better think about sumthing useful & unproblematic~

n/y: praying that God will guide me on this confusing transition journey of adulthood...


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masalah wanita~~~ hmmm~~ wanita lebih memahami~~ wakakaka

masalah wanita-wanita memahami...
masalah lelaki-lelaki memahami...