meet my 'hormon'~

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mind u ols...this is personal entry....any komen...komen jah ehh~

Bkn rase stress cume...ntah stress kot...stress ker???
Aku tanak panggil stress(sbb cam serius jah munyiknya)..tetapi, aku akan salahkan 'hormon'....
contoh monolog..."apsal aku cam nak marah nih???hormon kot"
bile 'hormon' akan melanda??
  • bile 'terpaksa' buat sesuatu...contohnye 'terpaksa' study @ 'terpaksa' cuci pinggan @ 'terpaksa' kemas rumah....
  • bile orang wat kat kiter sumthing yg kiter tak menyusahkan orang lain @ amik barang tak bagitaw
  • tuduh aku buat mender tuh padahal aku tak wat...ataupon cakap aku tak wat mender tuh padahal aku dah wat...(watever)
  • wat perangai cam bagos (terpulang pada definisi masing2 cambagos tuh camne)


Aku adalah seorang yg sukar naik darah dan penuh dengan keceriaan, tp biler 'hormon' menyinggah, perkara sebegini akan berlaku:

1. pandangan aku akan rase mendung jer...bukan gelap yer adik2...mendung.....evrything will be blur dan aku xkan nampak pemender kat depan mate, aku xkan konsentret kalu ader org borak ngn aku...(maaf)...biasanya aku akan berlalu pergi seperti ke toilet atau pulang ke teratak aku...
2. kadangkala kalu ber'hormon', tone suara aku akan bertukar(takderla jadik cam laki plak) dan setiap perkataan aku akan bernada marah (sebab tu aku rela diam)...contohnya,kalu intonasi biase aku..

korang nak makan tak?
(dengan nada relax dan teratur...keskes)

~akan menjadi~

(paham2 ler...semenanyer takder niat pon nak marah)


Antara aktiviti aku untuk mengurangkan gejala ini ialah...

  • ingat Allah~
  • tido - sekurang-kurangnya 8 jam
  • tarik nafas - dan kemudian hembus
  • ketawa sorang-sorang - walaupun tiada perkara yg lawak
  • tengok luar - seperti awan, pokok dan juga haiwan liar
  • tumbuk bantal - terutama bantal pelok sbb byk kabu
  • menari - kadangkala tanpa iringan lagu
  • menjerit - takleyh kuat sgt nnt org igt aku histeria
  • dengar lagu yg tidak menyedihkan - seperti lagu negaraku dan lagu dangdut

kdg2 bile ader mender yg aku sangat2 geram..aku akan diam...(kalu aku tetibe diam tu...maafkan aku ek) insyaAllah, kawan2 aku pon tak taw lelame kalu aku rase nk citer aku citer la...Ape2 pon, 'hormon' ni melawat aku kadang2 jer...xslalu...bile dier rindu dier datangla...don't worry k! :)

n/y: senang jer nk halau 'hormon' ---kasik dier makan...hahah...

gadget freak~

LOVE bein a freak~
i've known as IT and gadget freak to all my close friends..

laptops-mp3s-cameras-pda and the most obvious one is of course my mobile phone...

i've been using it from early years of high school...since then, i'd get addicted to the latest(not the expensive ones tho)..i've tried different brands and different type of phones...monoblock-flip-swing-slide-touchscreen-colours-one line lcd screen...huhu...

here's 'some'(there's more) of the phone that've accompanied my life...[RIP to dead ones]

nokia 3210 -
my very 1st phone...does all the basic function of a handphone.(basic according to that tym)

nokia 8250-

also known as playing snake on this phone.

nokia 3200

interchangeable skin...can make our own skin using the template given..*nice*

nokia 3310-
most popular nokia till now...easy to use and indestructable..can be thrown at the walls and immerse in salt water...waterproof and shockproof *lulz*
motorola e398 -
music moto...nicest phone eva~ decent but helluva music ~
sold it to get another phone...still miss it...*sobs*

sony ericsson k750i-

one word! wicked! i bought an AP one...great camera-produces great sound + music - great posession of my father now(his nokia broke)

samsung U700-
touch button operated (ppl mistakenly said it's a touchscreen phone)...average 3g phone..never tried the 3g part tho...the best part is 3.5 rear camera and can take photo using the front camera..(really great for self-photograpy-addict as me)


china phone K188(JINYU) double sim wooo
using 2 operator sim card now,so this phone is indeed a convenient need to interchange between sim,it's auto i can make-get call and sms with both sims...*nice* and very cheap..RM300/+

nokia 5610 expressmusix
currently in custody of my Maksu in Singapore, have to bring it back to the M1 shop to flash software (warranty still valid)...miss it so much~looking forward to reconcile with it next month...weeehuuuu~

Mah phone would usually last approximately 6 to 12 months, and i'll either pass it to my sister or sold it out... :)

Mah new craving now is digital camera...yet,i'm still on a tight my dream camera have to wait...dun worry baybey,one day i'll have you in my hand,and we'll spend our happy times together....*stars*

~my dream~





Last but not least,i blogged with:

ACER 4530

n/y: happy times with *mybabyblack* and *mybabywhite*


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dihimpit dicengkam rindu ini
Gerimis duka ku
Menggamit kenangan silam
Resah dan pilu menghampiri
Sunyinya malamku kelam
Pedih kemelut cinta
Dingin kelu bicara
Tuk mengungkap rindu

Sayang ku mungkir pada kejujuranmu
Menolak segala bahgia dihadapanku
Kasihku mungkir pada kata janjiku
Berlari aku jauh dari cintamuKu kesali
Dihanyut dilambung ombak lara
Sepiku berkelana
Melayari jiwa nestapa
Menggagahi rasa kesayuan
Leburlah harapan cinta
Namun kesetiaanmu
Kugenggam bagai hukuman
Mengheret langkahku

Maafkan daku
Kekasih hati cinta kita berakhir
Maafkan daku
Kerna ku memungkirinya
Maafkan daku
Kekasih hati cinta jadi begini
Maafkan daku
Ku mungkir bahagia

my baby boys~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

here's the story..
i went to my auntie's house at i enter the house, i was greeted by a crying baby...hoo...suddenly, the baby crawled towards me and wanted me to pick him up...and so i was... from since...he dowanna letgo of me...hwaaaaa....the auntie said maybe he'd mistaken me for his mom..ngaaa(agak down...muke mak2 kah aku...)

and a while later,his bros went home...and i went on taking care of the kids....

from left..mubin,mukhriz and lil mukmin...

the saddest part of course saying bubbye...even mubin wanted to follow us home...haha...

n/y: can't wait to have my own...(^_^)


Thursday, October 23, 2008

is Love the only thing that matters??

yesterday, i was having dinner with my ex-coursemate(social work).We were talking about our studies and stuffs, when a questioning question popped out(it sounded sumthing like this..POP!..

"bla..bla...bla....(n then she goes), how is it going with u and ur liang zhi?"
huh? i paused for a while and then came a bland smile...
"uh, we'd broke off...quite a long tym ago..."
" ahhh?? why?? why??" she seem surprised.
"we're still friends,it's nothing.i'm oredi over it.."
"why ar?"
"nothing, it's nothing..we're cool.."
she just couldn't accept the fact of my split...and raised the same question,
"but why? why? aren't you two love each other??"

a temporary halt from my side, and then a typical answer..
"erm...maybe we're not meant to be together...''
the truth is, i couldn't answer that question...instead, another question ran thru my it love that really matters? or every other thing else?
i'd spent the rest of my day and night thinking about it, when finally i decide to let it go...i am not going to think about stupid matters as such anymore...crap~

Today, my phone rang(vibrated actually),it's a good friend of mine...she seeks my advise...she ask me, why doesn't she have a boyfriend? she was actually having this green monster of jealousy over her friend who already have a person to love... i felt pitiful to the same time dunno actually wat to i comforted her with words and ask her, is it only love that really matter in our life now?

i feel like a stupid schoolgirl...with all this love problem and all...but to heck~
better think about sumthing useful & unproblematic~

n/y: praying that God will guide me on this confusing transition journey of adulthood...


what are blogs for?

nothing to do now...thinkin'bout things i'm not suppose to think i will just take a little time for this post...been blog hopping since yesterday...sorry to blog harm intended...kinda fun to look at other people's life and learn sumthing about it...happy faces, their problems, their crushes,their families...i wonder how a blog could play an important part in a person's life,replacing diaries...even better, with images and videos to share... :)

I came across some interesting blogs,with fun and meaningful posts...envy them as i don't posses such a creativeness and interestingness....maybe my life now is boring and not much to say about...or maybe i dun really know how to build a great blog..:::sobs:::

These are few blogs that i encounter, totally different particularly in the subject...
1. Some people talk about themselves all blog long, from the first post until the very latest, the only subject of the blog is about him/her...Weird how a person could brag about themselves,so much to talk about....
2. Blogs about families,kids and readers could follow the progress of their kids...even from the womb...(*_*)....
3. political blogs ( which i'm not really interested in;not a very political person myself...) that sumtimes attack and harass the other party with their words of wisdom...i have no comment watsoever on which side is right...
4. Blogs of images...usually professionals or amateurs that devote themselves to photography...(i am a photo-freak sumtimes)...
5. Online is everywhere;even blog can be very revenuous(such word?) capital needed..just need a computer and online 24/7..u could run a very successful business and ka ching! $$$
6. Celebrity & gossips said, the place to get the latest buzz on celebrity;who? what? where?....local and international...
7. Educational blogs...Notes and information on certain subjects...might be interesting to read sometime....

enough said...i have class tomorrow actually...really need some sleep...
occay....dowanna think about how ordinary my blog is...


hectic daze~

Friday, October 17, 2008


erm~ this week have been busy~
2 assignments to submit~
1 presentation~
and another Midsemester Exam (which went blegh~)
duwanna talk about it~ Moving ONNNN!!!!

tluper nk tepek gambar2 raya haritu~
last week~ my friends beraya2 bagaiii~
makan mee soto jer~

antara muke2 yang beraya~
B4 dat, saya merempat ker Jamuan Raya Kolej Pendeta Za'ba~
so, berdiva-diva bagaii lah pula pakaian semua mereka2.... Mc pada malam itu adalah Kak Mida dan juga Hazzim~
mmg MC sangattt... spontan jer...kagum..kagum...


keluarga 69

antara aktiviti yang dilakukan adalah menjerit2 kesukaan apabila melihat teman2 yang lama tidak ketemu dan juga kakak dan abang yang telah grad~ huuu...rindu-rindu-


back to fokus~ this afternoon i've 1 presentation...

it's about ecommerce,actually i've the thought of doing my own website, but then again, i've no mood for hardwork~ so i took one of the existing ecommerce website -SONYSTYLE USA-(pilih syarikat taknak kalah kannn~)

i've to convince the company to start ecommerce business practise, people buy online, hosting it..yadayada~ my head've been 'tingong'ing since yesterday~ so i'll just present it half or maybe quarter- heartedly~ wuteva~

a/y: this weekend ader NCC- everything about career @ job things~ will update of it if i 'rajin' go to the talk~ haha~ jahat!jahat!

kijam~ kijam~

Friday, October 10, 2008


aper ni....internet service provider neh menguciwakan aku~ apsal orang lain boleh mendapat wireless mereka sedangkan aku mendapat " incorrect configuration"...*shit*...takper2 memandangkan rangkaian ini dalam proses percubaan dan juga PERCUMA untuk mencuba, maka aku pasrah serta redha atas ketentuan ini...

semalam a.k.a 9 Oktober 2008, antara hari yang paling hectic dalam semester ini, aku amatlah pening serta tintong, tetapi disebabkan aku memiliki Midsemester exam petang tu,wajib lah aku menstadikan diri sedikit sebanyak...setelah aku berhempaspulas, pergilah aku ke kelas tersebut...tunggu pny tunggu, lect pon datang....alih2 dier kater takde exam lak~
aduh! teramatlah meruntun jiwa ku~
akunyer jantung macam nak pecah, punye la sentap nyer injap2 dalam jantong tersebut~
balik2 jer kepale cam tintong2 sket...
bertiduran la aku~

oyen: mgu neh asek tak sehat jer~ musim ker?


Thursday, October 9, 2008

seriously pipel~
i find blogging really time consuming~
maybe i wasn't born as a blogger tho i'm Malaysian~
hectic week this week~ bizeh::bezehh:::
::: ujian~
::: presentation~
::: assignments~
yet, i still have time to waste...ngee~
well, that's wat i do best...
me n my Mr Procrastination (korek spelling aaa?)
and our precious baby last-minute-work

wokeyh2..i'll start doing my assignments now~

p/s: moh le berayer ke rumahku~ seremban jaaa~ naik komuter RM8.40 pergi balek~
p/s 2: will update more on my 'interest' next post...hUuuu~

tinggal ketapi~

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

sumer owang sudah ader blog bagaiii~
aku nak jugak occay~
sumer orang dah jauh naik kapal terbang, aku naik kapal api jer~
walaopon dah lambat....
tapi biar lambat asal selamat..(selamat ker???)
insyaAllah selagi Internet Service Provider membenarkan aku melungsuri laman web ini, akan ku gagahkan diri untuk mengepos dan mengupdate blog ku tersebut~

for 1st post, izinkan diriku menepek lagu yang sungguh ku minat skang neh~

p/s: ekceli aku bkn menat ngt kat aliff neh~ tp lagu neh agak meruntun jiwa~ huuu~
jewang-jewang pula~

Cinta Arjuna nyanyian Aliff Aziz (orang kampungku) Uuuuuu~

Ku peluk indah manisnya cinta
semuanya terasa indah
bagai di alam cerita cinta
hadir bahagia selama-lama
katamu kekasih yang sedang kita alami
takkan kekal untuk selamanya
mengapa kekasih tiada kau percaya
kebenaran cerita kita

Bagaimanakah lagi untuk aku buktikan
selamilah pada kejujuranku
jadikan ku arjuna, arjuna di hatimu
percayalah oh puteri

p/s lagi: i'm actually fond of the music, not so much on the lyrics~::: blink :::