gadget freak~

Friday, October 31, 2008

LOVE bein a freak~
i've known as IT and gadget freak to all my close friends..

laptops-mp3s-cameras-pda and the most obvious one is of course my mobile phone...

i've been using it from early years of high school...since then, i'd get addicted to the latest(not the expensive ones tho)..i've tried different brands and different type of phones...monoblock-flip-swing-slide-touchscreen-colours-one line lcd screen...huhu...

here's 'some'(there's more) of the phone that've accompanied my life...[RIP to dead ones]

nokia 3210 -
my very 1st phone...does all the basic function of a handphone.(basic according to that tym)

nokia 8250-

also known as playing snake on this phone.

nokia 3200

interchangeable skin...can make our own skin using the template given..*nice*

nokia 3310-
most popular nokia till now...easy to use and indestructable..can be thrown at the walls and immerse in salt water...waterproof and shockproof *lulz*
motorola e398 -
music moto...nicest phone eva~ decent but helluva music ~
sold it to get another phone...still miss it...*sobs*

sony ericsson k750i-

one word! wicked! i bought an AP one...great camera-produces great sound + music - great posession of my father now(his nokia broke)

samsung U700-
touch button operated (ppl mistakenly said it's a touchscreen phone)...average 3g phone..never tried the 3g part tho...the best part is 3.5 rear camera and can take photo using the front camera..(really great for self-photograpy-addict as me)


china phone K188(JINYU) double sim wooo
using 2 operator sim card now,so this phone is indeed a convenient need to interchange between sim,it's auto i can make-get call and sms with both sims...*nice* and very cheap..RM300/+

nokia 5610 expressmusix
currently in custody of my Maksu in Singapore, have to bring it back to the M1 shop to flash software (warranty still valid)...miss it so much~looking forward to reconcile with it next month...weeehuuuu~

Mah phone would usually last approximately 6 to 12 months, and i'll either pass it to my sister or sold it out... :)

Mah new craving now is digital camera...yet,i'm still on a tight my dream camera have to wait...dun worry baybey,one day i'll have you in my hand,and we'll spend our happy times together....*stars*

~my dream~





Last but not least,i blogged with:

ACER 4530

n/y: happy times with *mybabyblack* and *mybabywhite*


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wah2~~ ader gaya jadi tawkey kedai hp...hmmm~~ aku nak simpan hp SE aku ni sampai aku abis study~~ maksudnya waktu tu ku berumur 32tahun la yek>>>>> hantaran perkahwinan~~~lalalalala