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Friday, March 6, 2009

Tag by Kak Aja..

U're tagged!
Go this website and do the quiz.Next, post the result without changing anything.Tag another 5 people once u're done!


Your view on yourself:
You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

Yeker? sweet? Tang mana la sweet tuh. Hakhak! Yer, aku tak sker konflik. Lagi2 konflik dalaman. Erm, skang ni aku tak begitu peramah...Lama dah tak bersosial.Aku semakin menyendirikan diriku.. Kenapa ha?

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are not looking merely for a girl/boyfriend - you are looking for your life partner. Perhaps you should be more open-minded about who you spend time with. The person you are looking for might hide their charm under their exterior.

Erm, bukan semua orang mencari life-partner ker?
Ker ade orang suka 1 night stand jer?
wOoot~ Erm, memilih ker aku?

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

Yerp, this is soo true. Sumtimes, i think too much.
Tp takperla, blom time lagipon...Wahahah~

The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Definitely, aku ini serius orangnyer..(-_-)

Your views on education
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

Dahtu? Motif National University of Malaysia puleks.

The right job for you:
You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

Benar-benar! Kalaw dihitung dari kecik mmg banyak dream job aku nak buat.
Aku pernah bercita2 ingin menjadi pembaca berita dan juga penari budaya.

How do you view success:
Success in your career is not the most important thing in life. You are content with what you have and think that being with someone you love is more than spending all of your precious time just working.

My view excretes as seen in my pointers.
urm, since someone i LOVE is not here yet. So, working is still nombor 1. :)

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Yes! I'm afraid of cars! I cannot control the steering.
And I show my anger by sitting at the back or passanger seat!

Who is your true self:
You like privacy very much because you enjoy spending time with your own thoughts. You like to disappear when you cannot find solutions to your own problems, but you would feel better if you learned to share your thoughts with a person you trust.

Privacy is my middle name. I dissapear when I'm hungry...

not tagging anyone;on REQUEST.

I pass this tag to
.ZaidHaris yang Single.

pesanan penaja:

hipocracy is good for self esteem.


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teruskan azam nak jadi pembaca berita...kalu takpun pembaca blog pun orait aper...ngee :D

penari?..hehe aswara ngh cri talent tuh