== long time. no? ==

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

helloy alls...

hurm. its been how long? more than a week since my last post.
bukan tak online.
bukan takde idea.



It's been qt a hectic week jugak la last week, with all the presentation and assignments. But Alhamdulillah, i managed to finished it on time. Huhu! After goin thru all the tasks, I spent the weekend at hOme. ngee~ (padahal minggu lepas pon balek jugak! :) )

Balik rumah kerja tengok. ASIAN FOOD CHANNEL. ngahahah! If only I can absorb everything and practically cook as perfect as them. I wish!


Next week is the last week of lecture this semester.
And 1 more thing to do, English Sketch. HaiyOh~
Tonite is Ungku Omar College dinner.
melaram la sket. ngee~



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hahah oyenn praktis msak ke ekkeke

wawawaaaaa! mlm neh dinner uo laaa!
nnt update letak pic bnyk2 kay!
jeles. i ta pegy ohh dinner amin sbb lmbt tmpah meja so meja penoh. da la da final year tade dinner. sedih amat. :(

Asian Food Channel..channel kegemaran abah n ibu km :)

we...cepat2 update gmbo dinner..
xsabo nk tgk ur belt ngn heels...