== my colours ==

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hey Dearies~

Made hubby my mock-makeup-artist yesterday...Haha...
Decide not to go home this weekend as I got loads of Assignments and also study for the Organizational Behaviour test on Tuesday.


While my friends knocking themselves out being a weekenders...

Actually just watched a Supernatural episode about ''the 7 sins'' and also made me remembered about my favourite anime not so long time ago, Fullmetal Alchemist. They've also the character names based on the sins known as Homonculus. The so-called 7 sins...








I'm merely a human...

Have a great weekend dear bloggers.

Time is Money . Time is Life. Time is Death.


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kale itam lg oye nye page huhuuu

u r merely a human eh? then what r u? jeng3....haha..suspen..

Minat Fullmetal Alchemist gak ke??
kami pon suke tgk anime 2..
tapi da lama da xtgk g..

hey i pena maen game 7 sins tu! da na menang tao! hahahahah!

aku suke pic ko yg tgh tu!!!!
comel jer!..
melting jap...~~

rizz-> hitam dan oyen mane bleh dipisahkan..We're soulmates~

fikri-> I am a human mannn~

farhana-> Yer2..Minat wOo..

dya-> yeker? ader game ker? me tataw poonnn...huwak~

nolly-> melting? ahahha...mane bleh lawan masakan kau...lagi cair mulut aku~

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