== terimalah kasih ku ==

Monday, January 12, 2009

suara, dengarlah terima kasihku...

Aite! Dah melangkah ke 22 tahun aku di dunia fana ini. 1st of all I would like to reach out my thanx to all my lovely friends ,(pergh mcm nk amik award jah.) who'd wished me on my Birthday and luck. I really appreciate that. Very much. Sayang korang.

I've had a wonderful past 22 life with Joys + Sorrows + Happiness + Unexpected Things + Love + Hate + Friends + Foes

and still a mysterious future ahead.

To all my family and friends.
Thanx again for being a really important part in my life.

My families.(siap webcam bagai). :P

My school friends. MRSM Beseri, Smk Puteri.

My Matrikulasi friends.

My Blogmates.

My UKM Dearest.

My Love Keponzas.

Love you all. Muahx.

sekian, terima kasih suara.


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blogers readers xde ke haha

blogmates lah tu dear...