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Thursday, November 27, 2008

1) do you think you're hot
not really rite now...coz i got the fan on no. 5 , plus the windows are wide open..Additionally my grenma's house is at the 25th floor...so i practically can't get hot...but literally speaking..yup! i'm sizzling hot in my own way...(kondipen giler! blah arr ngkau!!!)

2) upload ur favourite picture of u..
my favourite picture would be too daring for u guys to look at..still..i like this one~

3)Why do you like that picture?
first, I was on make up by Najamuddin a.k.a tukang mekap + fake eyelashes yg sangat berat...second, i luv my sudden sad expression dan bukan dibuat2...third, I look very the tembam..hu~ suke! suke!

4)When was the last time you ate pizza??
18 November 2008..haha..how can I be exact?? tgk la post pada November yg lalu~

5)The last song you listened to
Mein Herz Brennt from Rammstein...
In fact, sape2 open this blog pn akan denga lagu tersebut...

6)What are you doing right now besides this
listening to my Maksu and my Grenmama berbual + siaran radio Warna 94.2 fm + kipas + kereta2 kat jalanraya...

7)What name would you prefer besides yours
Aniq Haiqal...Don't ask me why..I've into this name since 10 years old~
8) People i tag:
tema tagging kali ini ialah kawan maya blogmates ku...wuhu~


9)Number 3 is having a relationship with
ha? erm..ngan 'cahaya' dier i guess...selain tu, she got father-daughter relation ngan abah dier, mother-daughter ngan mak dier, brother-sister relation ngan abang dier, banyak la..U really want me to list out everything???!!!!

10)Say something about number 5
number 5? uh..sesungguhnya kecantikan hakmilik semua insan....*larikk*

11)How about number 4
sumthing abt pyan...hurm...that's quite hard..tak kenal sgt ngn dier...ape ek nk ckp psl ko pyan??

12)Who is number 2
rizz? my blogmate...known from mama...

p/s: sesungguhnya aku sangat tiada kerja~


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hahaa t rizz wat k:p

haruz ke haku kena? haha.. nanti2 k

salam salam oyen bucuk>.<
anda telah di tag o.O OMG!
sila2 ke bloggies for further ty^^
klu da jawab xpela^^
jawab tag yg len plak K ;)

saje jer nak mengenakan korang...
<---jahat tak??
tapernah tag korang lagi..