Forbidden Love...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why do people want things that they couldn't have?
Are the desire caused by emptiness or dissatisfactioness(wtf)?
I am not necessarily shitting abt a person, it may be a thing..or things.or place.or watever.
I am personally talking about myself, mind U ppl.
Currently, I've an eye on a/an _____ which...I couldn't have, due to some 'circumstances'...Even my friends dun approve of my so called "thing". I hate having desire of "thing"...I hate the struggle of forgetting them....Haish....
Well, maybe it's not me.

Damn hormones.

.Erm, I guess I just have to bid my hormones bye2.
.I've to try letting go of "thing" that I could not - should not possess.
p/s: I talk like a schoolgirl..*heck*


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memang begitu..
selalu saja begitu begini
terima sajalah

hormone suck!!
dush.. cmpak taik kt tingkap!!

ye ahmdsyhmi, sedang menerimanya...
qimi! dush!dush!dusyum!!
ma, sabar...


cam kenal ke "something" yg ko eye on tu... huhuhu

aku redho...

don't deny ur inner self..
just face the fact, and deal with it
whats wrong with being our true self?