Rindu...In Advance...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Erm...bila duduk diam tak buat aper nih...Tetiba aku terfikir sesuatu. Most of my friends are in their final year, which means, they'll graduate next year and eventually leave this wonderful University life...Good for them..They'll venture into the career world as I believe they will excel in watever they're achieving..As I, will continue my journey here in the peaceful UKM till around May 2010.


*Sobs* :'(

I really broke down to tears thinking about this..Not that i hate the loneliness..but i'm more concern about missing all my friends.

Missing the Hanjinganz.

Missing the late nights.

Missing the Laha Times.

Missing the fights.

Missing the Kendus.


Why the heck am I thinking abt this now, since they'll be leaving next year..But whatcha know.. 6 months couldn't be that long...The next thing I know, they'll be wearing 'THE ROBE' ,and we'll be taking pictures together..maybe for the last time in UKM...*sad*

Guys, (and girls, and even some nOnOxes)

Thanx for every moments shared,the beautiful ones or the freakin' ugly...I'll cherish it all my heart..(Pergh, cam nak berpisah jer)

I Love You People...Muahx~

p/s: Counting down the time when i'll be all by myself...


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we won't go far~
jgn wsau.. as long as keep in touch~
we'll always can hangout yah! :)
xbaik sdey2..
tgk mcm farol~
ader jer lagi~ :)

chill okay oyen. :)


~~~ balik semalam discuss nak g study kat india.... hmmm, waaaaaa


this is life...
people come and go, but the friendship will never end, so long u stay in touch with them...
this blog is the best platform though, so keep blogging k!

nasihat dr seorg abg yg kertu..

thanx abg [ejay] yg kertu...
erm...cume concern
In time, people change...Maybe da takde mase for each other lagi...
Sebenarnya bukan rase sedih, more to...ntah rindu kot...
sj jah~

dont worry
i ader jer kat rembau
leh jer skali skaler ajak sume org wat reunion
sblum kuar nnti
carik satu tarikh yg sume mesti berkumpul reramai